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Frequently Asked Questions


1. I am interested in the pilgrimage. How do I register?

Please note registration closes on 31 March 2024. Click here and complete the Registration Form. The Pilgrimage Coordination Committee will confirm your registration and provide guidance on payment for the registration fees and next steps.

2. Can I book a hotel on for myself?

Of course! Click here for a list of suggested hotels in Barbados.

3. Can someone get a hotel on their own?

Please make this decision, depending on your own personal situation. Note that many pilgrims are planning to attend the full event. Some are planning to extend their stay by arriving either before or staying after the pilgrimage to explore Barbados.

4. How can family members in Liberia get a hold of you?

Please send an email to [email protected] and the Pilgrimage Coordination Committee will gladly respond to their questions.

5. I have family members that are interested in the pilgrimage.

Great! Please ask them to register for the pilgrimage by 31 March here.

6. I’m trying to do a bank transfer of the Registration fee & the bank is requesting the physical address of the beneficiary, Sankofa Pilgrimage to Barbados. What’s the correct address?

The physical address of the beneficiary is: Technology House, 10th street, Monrovia, Liberia.

7. What is the cost of the trip to Barbados?

The cost of the trip varies depending for example, country/city of departure, selected airline, class of ticket, etc. We suggest consulting a travel agent, or check on the internet for airline, hotel and related information.

8. What activities are planned during the pilgrimage?

Please check the Agenda on our website at the bottom of this page.

9. Will there be additional activities apart from the official itinerary during the pilgrimage?

Yes, there will be lots of optional paid events during the pilgrimage (e.g.Tours, Cruises, Friday Night Fish Fry, Sankofa After-Hours party, and more.)

10. Will there be airport transport on arrival and departure?

A shuttle will be available on arrival at the airport on 06 May and on departure, on 13 May 2024. The shuttle will be specifically for paid registrants who provide their arrival and departure information in advance to the Pilgrimage Coordination Committee, on a form that will be made available shortly.

11. Will there be other activities in addition to the official events?

Yes, there will be Sankofa After-Dark events, which will be posted on the website.

12. Is there public transportation (i.e. Taxis, buses) and can I rent a car?

Yes, public transport runs throughout the island, and there are car rental companies.

13. My organization would like to be a Sponsor of the Sankofa pilgrimage. Who do we contact?

Thanks. Please send the organization’s email address and contact person to [email protected], and the Pilgrimage Coordination Committee will send a Sponsorship package for consideration.

14. Can I make a contribution if I am not participating in the Pilgrimage?

Yes. Please email [email protected], and a Sponsorship package will be sent to you.

15. Do Liberians need a visa to enter Barbados?

No, Liberians do not require visa to enter Barbados. See more information about this on and

16. Can I register a group?

Yes. However, each pilgrim must complete the registration form and provide ALL information requested.

17. Do I need to register for the pilgrimage to attend?

Yes, only those who have registered and paid their registration fee will receive an Accreditation Badge to attend all planned activities upon arrival in Barbados.

18. What is the fee for registration?

The registration fee is $110. Kids 5 and under attend free.

19. What is the deadline for paying registration fees?

The deadline to pay registration fees is 31 March, 2024.

20. Is there a US-based travel agency that is organizing group packages for the Pilgrimage?

Yes! Please refer to our package deals with Enroute54 Travel and the Travel & Accommodations page on our website. Visit Enroute54’s website here.